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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Fall of Constantinople – TON 020123

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson details the fall of the former centre of the Orthodox Christian world, Constantinople in 1453

May of 1453 is one of the darkest months in European history. Starting on the 6th of April, the Turks put the already impoverished City under a brutal siege. With only 7,000 men to defend against 100,000 Turks, it took 53 days to breach the walls and put an end to the remnants of the Byzantine empire.

The last emperor St. Constantine XI defended the city to the end, removing his royal garb and fighting as a common soldier to the death during the last desperate moments of the fight. Greek defenders flung themselves off the walls as the Turks crashed into Constantinople, knowing that slavery would be their lot if taken alive.

The City's fall was an immense shock around the Christian world, a shock made inexplicable by the fact that no one came to the City's aid. She was entirely alone, and nothing was ever the same again.

* Janissaries were not generally castrated, rather, they were just not permitted to marry. Later, this corps was granted the right to marry, but only after 40 years of age. Eunuchs were castrated of course, and they came from the same forcible levy as the Janissary corps. Apologies for the confusion. MRJ

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Fall of Constantinople – TON 020123


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