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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 241 – AAI 041323

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

This is a show where we like to check out the latest European music from the alternative genres, this week centring on retro synths and folk metal

Izona begins with an immense Gary Numanesque synthline and No Face Nate uses folk flavours to highlight his inspirational patriot rap.

Black Magick SS get funky in a Michael Jackson meets Blondie style and Mythical Vigilante sets the body popping with eighties electro.

Ghost of Centralia and Allogenes play nineties drum and bass with Megadrive samples and Holon adds Goa influence with a light and airy feel to it.

Mental Minority defies censorship with a synthpop warning about cancel culture and Magnavolt take us deep into the city with futuristic darksynth.

Elektro Terapi makes bouncy industrial with a shouted refrain and RudolVe polishes a Carpenter Brut classic until it gleams with cyberpunk brilliance.

Sun Vessel teams up with Atlantean Blood for some nostalgic neofolk before Slawia’s ultra fast fretwork with trad Russian melodies takes over.

SatanaKozel bring a sea shanty feel to their accordion accompanied black metal and Heathen Foray have insightful lyrics with their catchy death metal chorus.

Cruachan get the pipes and fiddles out for blackened Celtic folk metal, while Kamelot add full brass and string section to go with the power metal.

Haliphron have a spooky underwater feel and tight precision to their symphonic black metal and Andrei Moissejev finishes up with a piano led classical piece.

Andrei Moissejev – Ohymnn (Telegram)
Izona, Holon, Scion Youth – Soundcloud
No Face Nate – NoFaceNate (Telegram)
Black Magick SS – Creep Purple
Mythical Vigilante, Mental Minority, Elektro Terapi, RudolVe – Self Released
Ghost of Centralia & Allogenes – Engram Recordings
Magnavolt – Kenta Records
Sun Vessel – Sun_Vessel (Telegram)
Slawia – AntiqRecords.com
СатанаКозёл – Xzona.su
Heathen Foray – Massacre Records
Cruachan – Despotz Records
Kamelot – Napalm Records
Haliphron – Listenable Records

01:19 Izona - Stellex
04:12 No Face Nate – Rise Above
07:31 Black Magick SS - Let Go
14:48 Mythical Vigilante – Detune
18:02 Ghost of Centralia & Allogenes – Narcissism
21:37 Holon - Not Far Enough
26:21 Mental Minority - Burn Everything
30:45 Magnavolt - Day of Reckoning
34:37 Elektro Terapi - Elektro Resistance (Unterschicht Remix)
39:26 RudolVe - Turbo Killer (RudolVe Hijack)
43:11 Sun Vessel and Atlantean Blood - Just Like the Seasons
46:55 Slawia - The Aeon Of Plague Will Feast
55:47 СатанаКозёл - Помер
02:17 Heathen Foray - Oathbreaker
06:20 Cruachan - The Queen
13:19 Kamelot – Bloodmoon
18:24 Haliphron - Unidentified Mass
25:37 Andrei Moissejev – To Remembrance of a Pristine State

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 241 – AAI 041323


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Artwork by PatriArt and the Patriotic Arts Community

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