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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 242 – AAI 042023

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Classical, synthwave, metal and folk, lots of new White people music to listen to.

Dark Sanctuary begin with a classical piece inspired by black metal and overlaid with choirs and Thyme and Place take techno influences into ambient territory.

Sylac takes us into orbit with a suitable sci-fi groove and Sonodad adds an exotic flavour to the cyberpunk with electro cowbells.

Druids of the Black Sun have a tribal thing going on and GHT make industrial dance with a bit of a new wave influence.

Randolph and Mortimer mix breaks with EBM and eighties sounds, while ELI stay with the nineties rhythms and syndrums.

ELM go full EBM with sharp punk lyrics and Hiraeth gets back to a more earthy  alt-rock sound.

Lyrre make excellent work of using the hurdy-gurdy as lead instrument while Capside make use of wind instruments and a harp like sound.

Neurotech adds full electro-symphony and layered harmonies to the guitars, before Paganizer strip back the sound to old school death metal.

Sinful get a good tempo going with lead melodies and symphonic elements, getting ready full the full symphonic death metal onslaught of Shadow of Intent.

Icestorm play melodeath based on the Teutonic Knights crusade into the Baltics and Apocalyptica finish with a cello metal ballad.

Dark Sanctuary – Avantgarde Music
Thyme and Place – ThymeAndPlaceTelegram (Telegram)
Sylac – Soundsloud
Sonodad – Audius
Druids of the Black Sun – DruidsofTheBlackSun (Telegram)
GHT – GHTProduction.com
Randolph and Mortimer – RandolphandMortimer.com
ELI – Exiled Records
ELM – Alfa Matrix
Hiraeth – HiraethMusic (Telegram)
Lyrre, Neurotech – Self Released
Капсайд, Sinful – Xzona.su
Paganizer – Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Shadow of Intent - ShadowofIntent.com
Icestorm – Icestorm.cat
Apocalyptica – Apocalyptica.com

01:23 Dark Sanctuary - Un jour
07:18 Thyme & Place – Spun
12:06 Sylac - Force Multiplier
17:46 Sonodad - Man Made Horrors
21:34 Druids of the Black Sun – Algiz
26:06 GHT - The Future
30:00 Randolph and Mortimer - Resurrector feat. Black Dahlia
34:59 ELI - Ticket to Reality
40:03 ELM - Excuses Excuses (club mix)
43:34 Hiraeth – Woven
47:45 Lyrre - Not All Who Dream Are Asleep
51:23 Капсайд, - Кони
54:58 Neurotech - Mundane Entropy
59:42 Paganizer - You Call It Deviance
03:32 Sinful - Stigma Diabolicum
08:47 Shadow of Intent — The Migrant
13:11 Icestorm - The Teutonic Charge
18:13 Apocalyptica — Rise Again (feat. Epica) 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 242 – AAI 042023


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