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The Daily Nationalist: Secret Chinese Police Station Shut Down – DN 042123

Grandpa Dan looks at the U.S. government fighting against the evil forces of China by shutting down a secret Chinese police station in New York City.

Accepting a story such as this at face value requires suspending logic, belief and observable reality to the point where a complete shut down of one’s mental faculties might be required. Some hot takeaways from this story are (apparently according to the government):

Doxing is a federal crime

It is illegal to protest against the Falun Gong

China is a threat, as it is suppressing the rights of political dissidents in the U.S.

Deleting old messages and possibly clearing your cookies can qualify as a federal crime

In the opinion of the host, this is setting the stage so that if the time comes to round up people of Chinese ancestry and put them into camps, the people will be more than willing to go along. If you think they would never do that because “racist” then you are simply not paying attention.

Presented by Grandpa Dan

The Daily Nationalist: Secret Chinese Police Station Shut Down – DN 042123


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