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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Political Economy of Oligarchy I – TON 042623

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents the first podcast in a multi-part series on the nature of economics under the conditions of oligarchy.

Why are the Regime's predictions about world economic events always – always – wrong? Is it just incompetence and ideological blinders? Certainly these apply, but they are far from the only two factors.

A more systematic factor is that the variables on which these public intellectuals rely no longer exist. There are no “markets,” nor are there “national” economies. Oligarchy creates markets in a globalized context.

“Markets” in Adam Smith's sense are irrelevant, yet they are still assumed to function, often leading to hilarity.

The Right has yet to fully grasp this, so much of its own criticism is just as awful. These talks are meant to suggest how the Postmodern economy should be understood.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Political Economy of Oligarchy I – TON 042623


The Orthodox Nationalist will be back on Radio Albion Wednesday at 4pm EDT/9pm GMT.
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