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Radio Albion Roundtable: Sven Longshanks - RT 052223

 Grandpa Dan and Dr. Johnson sit down for this addition of the Radio Albion Roundtable to discuss at some length the political persecution of Sven Longshanks. While it is one thing to read about these things happening to people you don’t know, it is quite another when you see it happen to someone you know quite well. Many people seem to believe that these laws being written in a vague manner is some sort of mistake. However this is not the case. If a law isn’t well defined then you can essentially be tried and convicted for any and every thing. This is a feature and not a bug. One should also not think that because you live in the U.S. and not the UK that this doesn’t in some way apply to you. The more you understand the reality of the world around you, the better position you will be in to not get caught up in an extremely malevolent system.


Below is the PA article about Sven’s case. If you scroll to the comments, his address and some instructions on contacting Sven as well as a snail mail address is there so that you can lend him your support, whether that be financially or by sending him a card or a letter.




Below is the link for a GiveSendGo account set up to help Sven out, whether for commissary or for after he is released.




Below is a link for the prison itself which has guidelines on prisoner contact.




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