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The Daily Nationalist: LGBT Emergency - DN 060923

 The celebration of pride month continues with the return of the Gayly Nationalist. Grandpa Dan proudly waves the rainbow with two stories this week, both of which highlight how not only are the very lives of the alphabet community put at risk by being denied access to children but even our national security is threatened when toddlers are denied a proper rainbow education. All humor aside, one has to wonder why it is that having access to children is considered somehow a life or death situation for these people. Also, why is it that we are told minors are mentally incapable of making decisions about things such as smoking but are totally capable of making decisions about permanent body mutilation? Don’t worry; if for some reason any of this is confusing to you (it shouldn’t be but if for some reason it is), GPD has an easy life hack to help you process it. All you have to do is simply look at both sides of an issue and figure out which side is lying to you.


Below is the link to the PA article concerning Sven Longshanks. In the comments you can find the address to which you can write to Sven as well as a mailing address and instruction should you wish to use the postal service for financial support.



Below is the link to the GiveSendGo fundraiser for Sven.



Below is the link to the prison website where Sven is being held. You can find guidelines regarding prisoner contacts as well as a link to directly contribute to a prisoner’s commissary fund via debit card.



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