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The Daily Nationalist: The Crimea in 2024 - DN 022924

More of Dr. Johnson’s academic work as well as methods by which you can support his work can be found at https://theorthodoxnationalist.wordpress.com/

Today's leap year Daily Nationalist concerns one of Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson's favorite topics, the condition of Crimea after becoming a part of Russia. Men of all political and ethnic backgrounds clamored at the polls in 2014 to jump the rat-infested sinking ship of Ukraine as it was forcibly deindustrialized and reduced to poverty. More than 97 percent wanted to leave. Ukraine today is a depopulated Third World country with no political independence, but Crimea, while still recovering from the experience of being a part of that failed state, is prosperous, stable, growing and autonomous, as some of these first-hand experiences prove.


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