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The Daily Nationalist: Ignoring The Off-Ramps - DN 032924

Grandpa Dan wraps up your workweek with a look at where we are: Essentially speeding down the freeway with no eye towards taking many of the available off-ramps. When one takes a look back at major (read: catastrophic) events in history, you will find that there were many opportunities leading up to these events to simply change course and avoid calamity. Instead those involved chose to continue going forward, ignoring the myriad of warning signs that things were not going to end well. Likewise, today we can see that for the West, things are going in a direction that is not going to end well. Yet the off-ramps are ignored and the accelerator is pressed to the floor. Just as in those times past, this too is not going to end well.


This is the new address for Sven Longshanks:

James Allchurch A5903EY

HMP Berwyn, Bridge Road, Wrexham Ind.

Est., Wrexham, LL139QS

This is the link to the PA article concerning Sven which contains a mailing address should you wish to send financial support to him via the postal service:



Below is the Givesendgo fundraiser for Sven. This is probably the easiest way to send him financial support:



It is possible to send Sven emails via the site linked below:



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