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The Daily Nationalist: Russian Hackers Attack Mule Shoe - DN 041924

Grandpa Dan has finally come to the realization that it shouldn’t be hard to find humorous topics to end the week since pretty much every week in clown world is full of stupid stories. As such, we welcome back the return of funny Fridays! This week Russian hackers attacked the strategically critical town of Mule Shoe Texas in a cyber attack, causing the water tower to overflow. Israel tries to “win” the argument by getting in the last word. The U.S. continues to become the world’s largest pariah state because it cannot operate outside the dictates of Israel as the red hat brigades breathlessly await the return of Saint Donald The First. 


This is the new address for Sven Longshanks:

James Allchurch A5903EY

HMP Berwyn, Bridge Road, Wrexham Ind.

Est., Wrexham, LL139QS

This is the link to the PA article concerning Sven which contains a mailing address should you wish to send financial support to him via the postal service:



Below is the Givesendgo fundraiser for Sven. This is probably the easiest way to send him financial support:



It is possible to send Sven emails via the site linked below:



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