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The Daily Nationalist: Putin and the Death of the Kiev Regime - DN 051624

More of Dr. Johnson’s academic work as well as methods by which you can support his work can be found at https://theorthodoxnationalist.wordpress.com/

Today's Daily Nationalist deals with the political implications of Kiev's terror attacks on Belgorod and the total failure of her military forces. Russia will soon take Kharkov, the capital of eastern Ukraine, as the Kiev regime does not have the cohesion, manpower, fuel or equipment to do much about it. The corruption unearthed in Kiev by the Ministry of Defense comes from a total lack of faith in the present organization of a war long lost, so the elite in Kiev are spending money on mansions, cars and resorts while their men starve. This victory for Russia has extraordinary implications as the west's foreign policy, yet again, goes up in smoke.


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