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Aryan Insights: Bishop Williamson on the Importance of Faith – AI 092418

ai 092418

His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson is our esteemed guest for this episode of Aryan Insights. The Bishop has remained steadfast in his allegiance to the truth in the face of some of the most powerful opposition known to man, the might of the misled hierarchy of the Catholic church, the might of organised Jewry and the might of the German legal system. They have tried everything short of physical torture to make him recant his heretical opinions on gas chamber idolatry yet still he remains steadfast.

The Bishop is not a racial Nationalist or a National Socialist, but he is a seeker of truth and the truth in those areas and the others discussed in this podcast are for most, kept hidden from view. However Christ said that he was The Truth and therefore anyone who truly seeks after it will find him. This is why we have the faculties of logic and reason, so that we can find our way back to God.

The first part of the podcast deals with what is and is not the truth and how a realisation of how complex and inter-dependent the organic truth is, leads us to faith in God. From there an understanding of scripture leads to the conviction that there is only one God and that he came to earth as Christ. It is this faith that gave the martyrs their strength and that gives the Bishop his courage to stand defiant in the face of a maelstrom of lies.

From there we then look at how Christianity shaped Europe and was central to the forming of our European nations. Our ancestors fought for God, not for man, not for ideals and not even for Nationalism. We need to be soldiers of God and not men, if we are to defeat our enemies like our ancestors did when they turned back Islam from Europe.

From the golden age of merry England we then move to the subversion of the aristocracy by Freemasonry and the revolutions that came from it. How the Masons were the Jews’ trojan horse into the establishment, as they were unable to hold office or take part in civil society. How they encouraged Luther and the reformation in order to weaken the church, before infiltrating it in the 20th century and corrupting it at the highest levels.

We look at the fascist alliance that fought against Communism in the east and saved the west from the Bolshevik hordes. Although the Bishop does not think Adolf Hitler was a Christian, he was certainly used by God to halt the advance of the Red Army into western Europe.

After the war open support for the axis nations was political suicide and it was not long before the church was in the hands of the ecumenists and the revolutionaries, intent on spreading liberation theology and the heresies of Vatican Two.

However from the most unexpected quarters a Christian revival would begin after the iron curtain fell and although the current Pope appears to be in a state of delusion, the body of the church remains faithful and awaiting the return of the Lord, knowing that the day of vengeance cannot now be far off.

The Bishop recommends the rosary for efficacy of prayer and as a symbol of unity for the resistance. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Bishop Williamson

Aryan Insights: Bishop Williamson on the Importance of Faith – AI 092318


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