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The Orthodox Nationalist: Homosexual Pathology and the ‘Pulse’ Shootings


Dr Matt Johnson gives us his analysis of the ‘Pulse’ shootings and along the way explains the occult and pagan roots of homosexuality:

The shooting by an Islamic man of several dozen homosexuals at a club in Florida is designed to provide sympathy for this movement.

The Orlando shooting is a media invented story. The shooter was allegedly a supporter of ISIS.

First, ISIS is an elite-funded organization financed by the US as I've said from the start.

Second, the narrative was already written in the first reports of the shooting.

Third, the identity of the shooter was immediately known without any question of accomplices from minute one.

Fourth, the "crisis actors" are very bad in this one (I love the sniffing with no tears). Real grieving parents don't immediately go in front of cameras.

Fifth, way too many public displays of evidence for a recent crime. It’s just not done this way.

Sixth, all descriptions use gun-control talking points without fail.

Seventh, it benefits only the left.

Eighth, from minute one, the sort of weapons and the motive for the killings were already stated coherently.

This podcast uses these current events to make the more general point that the press creates reality. They create events not in that they are invented from whole cloth, but that they are forced into a narrative written in advance.

To kill 49 people and wound 53 in less than 15 minutes using guns is almost impossible. Real life is not like in movies. Sometimes one can take 50 rounds and still survive to tell his story. Vasily Blokhin scored about 300 kills per night during the Katyn massacre in a well-lit room with his victims tied down.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Homosexual Pathology and the ‘Pulse’ Shootings – TON 061416


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  1. Thank you for these insights Dr Johnson. I find it interesting that you have some of the same views on homosexuality that I do, even though to the best of my knowledge I developped mine on my own, not learning them from someone else. I have also been thinking for a long time that what is currently claimed about homosexuality in ancient Greece is mostly cultural marxist propaganda. Should you be reading this... Could you perhaps link me to a scholarly work on the subject that I could show to people who believe these lies?

    Thank you for the great work you do for Christianity and spreading the truth.



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