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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Will Creates the World


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us another edition of The Orthodox Nationalist, continuing on from the last one dealing with the Russian Symbolists and this time concentrating on the work of Feodor Sologub (pictured above 1863-1927) and his connection to Schopenhauer.

For the Symbolists, modernity was the mass, the machine, something that we are born into. The ignorant are happy because they do not realize they are in it and the intelligent are left with two options: they can either accept it and seek it’s good opinion, or they can fight against it.

The Symbolists were of the latter sort and were as dark and as pessimistic as that mission suggests. For them, reality was, as for Schopenhauer, the creation of the will.

Desire fashions reality and the will creates the world. What we think we see is merely a representation, it is just phenomena. Literature is there to provide others with the tools to escape from it, to become like little children, as Christ commanded.

Sologub's work such as "Light and Shadows" or "Bad Dreams" in particular speak of the unreality of the world of the mass. It is constructed by others, that is, the desire of others. Giving us a finite reality that is structured by the zeitgeist of the era.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Will Creates the World – TON 092716


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