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Truth Will Out Radio: African Adventure

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Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt look at the war effort in Africa and what happened to Libya afterwards.

Starting with Schmitt's Axis War Heroes we first get some background information on the North-African theatre of war and how Germany got involved there in the first place, before focusing once again on Hans-Joachim Marseille. We hear the story of how it came to pass that he was chauffeured in a Generals car, how he defeated his first opponent in the skies above Africa and how the German pilots in Marseille's unit spent their spare time. After a closer look at the superior who was finally able to guide Marseille in the right direction we then hear about Marseille's unique methods of training and how he prepared himself for his achievements, which had previously been thought impossible to carry out. In the coming third part we will finally hear how this training paid off and why someone like Adolf Galland called him "the unrivalled virtuoso among the fighter pilots."

Sven and Dennis discuss what happened to this part of Africa after the war and how it led to Ghadaffi’s Green revolution. One of the ways you could tell the recent violent coup was not a genuine revolution of the people in Libya was by the flag that they used, which was the flag of the allied occupation under King Idris. When Ghadaffi took power the country was only about 25% literate and most lived in tents, but by the time he had finished with his reforms Libya had a 90% literacy rate and everyone was housed. Whenever you get a genuine nationalist government like this the bankers will always try to destroy the country and the same happened to Libya. Their sovereign wealth fund which must be over a hundred billion dollars has still not been returned to the people who own it.

After this Dennis talks about Pastor Stevens and how he discovered he was banned from visiting Britain when he tried to stop over while on route to South Africa, which has also banned him. Is this a new policy of Great Britain to ban people who speak out against gays? If so, then why are African preachers who call for the execution of sodomites allowed in? Is this an example of explicit anti-White bias? Matt Heimbach has been banned for the same, but why was Richard Spencer banned? These people have committed no crime other than to speak up for White people or to preach the Bible. Dennis thinks we are going to see more silencing of Christian teachings in the future.

Sven finishes the show by talking about some news that is currently causing a stir in Britain, Theresa May is bringing back Grammar Schools. These are schools for the most bright pupils and by definition that can only include White and maybe Asian students. Could this be the real reason why the Left are screaming and shrieking so much about it? Their arguments against it are extremely weak and range from saying that 11-year-olds will be traumatised for life if they fail the entrance exam, to accusations of ‘elitism’ as the children will come from middle class parents. Those children wont be there because their parents are middle class though, they will be there because their parents had a high IQ and they inherited it.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: African Adventure – TWOR 091616


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