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The Orthodox Nationalist: National Socialism in Bulgaria and Moldova?

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us a new episode of The Orthodox Nationalist expanding on the subjects discussed yesterday on The Daily Traditionalist.

The simple fact is that the New World Order is not all powerful. They are made up of deeply flawed, albeit wealthy, men and women that have become far too used to not hearing from any real opposition. In China, Iran, Syria, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, the Philippines, the US and as of yesterday, Bulgaria and Moldova, this opposition has defeated the oligarchs.

The oligarchs today are weak, their institutions are deeply in debt and the world's banks are also in serious trouble. The US military, nothing more than a mercenary army for Goldman-Sachs, is overstretched, exhausted and deserting in ever increasing numbers. In reaction to this various parties around the world are now pivoting toward a Nationalist stance and the political platforms of the Socialist Parties of Bulgaria and Moldova are explicitly National Socialist or "Patriotic" socialist.
For example the Moldavian Socialist Party's platform in Moldova says this:

From the Socialist (Communist) Party of Moldova's Program:

"The faith of the Orthodox is one of the pillars of the identity of the Moldovan tradition and we consider it as imperative to retain it as a moral support of society, of the shield against the the spread of faggotry (педерастией), pedophilia and other sexual perversions as well as a bulwark against the degradation of the spiritual and moral state of the youth" (Russian translation by Dr Johnson).

The President elect of Moldova, Igor Dodon, has said this:

"Americans have elected a strong president, a conservative proponent of Christian values, advocating friendly relations with Russia. Trump's victory has led liberal American citizens to riot, which [continues to erode] the foundations of American society. Americans understand the need to preserve the values and traditions of their land and the need to promote a less-aggressive policy in the world, especially as concerns Russia."

Victory is in sight, but one fear is that we do not have enough people, institutions or stability to take proper advantage of the situation.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: National Socialism in Bulgaria and Moldova? – TON 111516


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  1. Hello Dr. Johnson, I listen to your show for a few months now, trying to get up to date and joyfully notice that an erudite man such as yourself takes interest in an area of Europe forgotten by most. I am a Romanian nationalist, I have traveled to the Republic of Moldova(Basarabia) a few times and came to know the people and the situation well. I need to point out that the actual socialists(ex-communists) there stem from the same stalinist background as most politicians in Romania. For example: In 2014 the social-democrats based their campaign on claiming that they are for upholding the army, the family and the church, this whilst voting pro-gay bills in EU's parliament. These are people for whom the church is just a pawn, a calculation, and the church supports them because it is infected with clergy constituted from agents of the communist secret service. This is a thing widely known and seen in former soviet countries. In Moldova for example they were claiming that if they don't vote for Dodon the other candidate will forcefully convert them to Protestantism, another funny promise that Dodon made to the youth of Moldova is that he will eliminate the Baccalaureate, one exam less but making them unsuited to study in any other country, especially in our country where we offer them free education. One thing that I would want to point out, this man is a Statalist, he might use the word Nationalist, but he is a Statalist. What I been by this is that he is promoting the separate identity of Moldovans, an aberration created in stalin's labs. This lie was kept up by the communists over there even after the fall of the soviet union and the repression of Romanian Nationalists was great. The soviets by no means invested in Moldova, they deported all the Romanian elites and priests changed the writing from Latin script to Cyrillic. What you have analyzed is the brainwashed reaction of a kidnapped people and the continuation of the bolshevik policies which led to this atrocity. The elections were rife with fraud as he was bringing "voters" from Transnistria by the bus-loads whilst not supplying the voting stations abroad so that the youth, which has visited Romania and saw first-hand that we are the same people could not vote. Dodon is the man who ripped the map of our Reunified country in the middle of the National Assembly which 98 years ago voted to unite the Basarabian Romanians with the motherland, you can not imagine what sentiment I harbor for this bolshevik. I would rather chew my way through a warehouse of barbed wire before I call this commie a Nationalist.

    I know that the other candidate has ties to Soros, I know that them joining the EU might not mean reunification, I know that Romania is not led by Nationalists, hell neither Romania nor Moldova has a party more to the right than the liberals. But what I am hoping is that the Reunification will spark a new age in Romanian Nationalism, we already have an anti-gay-rights petition submitted to parliament with 3 million signatures, God-willing we'll see nationalism take the stage again in Romania in the December elections. I was joyful when I heard the results of your election, I know that you are energized I know I would be too, but the light that you see here in the east is just bolshevik hellfire scorching the land as always. The situation is like Yuri Bezmenov explained it, these leftists are corrupt and they would do everything to have power over us, if that means using the church like stalin did in WW2 they will do it.

    To end my comment in good-heart, I must say I have enjoyed your show about the Iron Guard, and I have shared it with my friends it was a very good and well documented stream of information, which I listened to with pleasure and which brought knowledge which I didn't knew even though I am familiar with that part of history. I congratulate you on the good work that you do for us and I wish you all the best in the world, God-speed!


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