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The Orthodox Nationalist: Globalism and the ‘Great Council’ of the Phanar – TON 030817


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson apologizes for missing two of the last three weeks. He suffers from painful nephrolithiasis, meaning he now has high medical bills in addition to everything else. He continues to request the assistance of his friends since now, according to his ER doctor, he now “knows what childbirth feels like.”

This episode is a complex one. By request, it deals with the “Holy and Great Council” of the “Orthodox Church” in 2016. This is a mockery of the ancient Orthodox synods and is merely a globalist imposition on a church they despise.

The Ecumenical patriarchate, based in Turkey, is controlled entirely by the USA. It’s income comes mostly from wealthy Greeks in the US. As Dr. Johnson has written before, the “Phanar,” a district in Istanbul, was home to the Judaeo-Greek oligarchs that led the Patriarchate to a pit of corruption that few have ever seen from the fall of the Empire in 1453 to the present day.

As the fine journal Katehon has skillfully reported, this “Council” is controlled by the US State Department through its agent Alexander Rondos. Rondos was adviser to the Yugoslav government at the time of its dissolution, the Georgian government at the time of its rejection of Russia and backed the first Maidan revolution in Ukraine as an adviser there in 2004.

The US government seeks primarily the separation of Greece from Russia. The Council is one means where that can be accomplished. It places all power in the hands of the hierarchy, specifically the Ecumenical patriarchate. The people, monks and priests are forgotten. It has now become totally institutional. The Phanar proclaimed that it alone can call councils and it alone can grant autonomy to local churches, which is a powerful political weapon.

Of course, the Phanar is a member of the World Council of Churches, itself a creature of the Rockefeller family and today is financed by many local religious bodies, but most significantly, through two groups: Bread for the World and UNICEF. These two leftist NGOs are, like all NGOs, mouthpieces of corporate capital. A quick look at the Annual Reports of the two groups will show the same major donors: Lehman Brothers, American Express, Wells Fargo, PayPal, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

The “Holy and Great Council” was a farce that is about as Orthodox as the computer this is being typed on. It should be treated with utter scorn by Orthodox people and anti-globalists everywhere. Yet again, it shows the sole obsessive drive of globalization since 2000: the destruction of Russian Nationalism at all costs, even at the cost of millions of American lives. The Orthodox Churches that are a part of the World Council of Churches are not “churches” and have no sacramental grace. This is based on the fact that they serve the Promethean globalist agenda and hence, cannot be Christian bodies of any kind.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Globalism and the ‘Great Council’ of the Phanar – TON 030817


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