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The Orthodox Nationalist: Pikeville - The End of Antifa – TON 050317


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us a report from his recent attendance at the Nationalist Alliance conference and demonstration that was held in Pikeville Kentucky for this week’s episode of The Orthodox Nationalist:

The Antifa were so pathetic I almost felt sorry for them:


They said they will smash us, Pikeville and all "white trash."

It was going to be “The war to end all wars’’.

Yet this is all they could come up with:


This is the collage of the Antifa.

Did you ever see a more pathetic looking bunch?

Pizza girl is in there somewhere.

Look at this moron:


Nobody could even read the sign unless you went right up to it and when we did, we could see it was taken from a well-known sociology text that he had just learnt at College!

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Pikeville - The End of Antifa – TON 050317


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