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The Orthodox Nationalist: Hoaxes, False Flags and the Mass Mind – TON 101117

Mary Ann Vecchio screams as she kneels over the body of fellow student Jeffrey Miller during an anti-war demonstration at Kent State University, Ohio, May 4, 1970. Four students were killed when Ohio National Guard troops fired at some 600 anti-war demonstrators. A cropped version of this image won the Pulitzer Prize.

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents his analysis of the Las Vegas shooting in the context of Mai Lai, Kent State and Orlando, showing that the massacres all have several things in common:

1. They all were done for "no reason"
2. There is a dogmatic narrative decided upon early. No deviations exist.
3. There is some political agenda behind the crime (civil rights, anti-war, etc)
4. Independent investigation exonerates those involved. Cpt. Medina at Mai Lai was acquitted. Calley, initially convicted, had his conviction reversed. Only Roof is an exception here.
5. Personal and physical attacks are engaged against dissenters.
6. In the American shootings, no bodies are usually seen and key elements are removed from the video record, eg Kent State
7. Basic cognition is overridden. A short circuit is created where even absurd facts do not shake the dogmatic attachment to the narrative.
8.  Quickly, the "nation" is forced to do "soul searching" for some leftist cause. It goes far beyond the event.
9. Public attention is hypnotically focused on the event as an aspect of the whole. "The war" is abstract." "Mai Lai" is concrete. Mobilization is easier with a concrete thought or target
10. The event relies heavily on highly specialized knowledge not readily available: The war history in Vietnam, weapons capabilities, the nature of skyscraper construction, etc. Thus forcing the public to reply on experts.

Why do people believe even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary?

Because their whole world would change if the truth were accepted. Everything they believe about politics and their country would be destroyed. They would have to admit they were lied to for years.

They would have to admit that all their knowledge is mere bias. They would have to become, due to this, extremists.

The choice is between happiness and truth. There's no middle ground

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Hoaxes, False Flags and the Mass Mind – TON 101117


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