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Truth Will Out Radio: The God of Nationalism - TWOR 120817

TWOR 120817

Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks answer comments and questions left for Dennis on his channel for this week’s Truth Will Out Radio.

Dennis’ videos often show how White nations have been manipulated into fighting other White nations in order to serve the banks and last week’s episode was no different. Feeling anti-British after hearing some of the crimes that have been carried out in the name of Britain is understandable, but it should not be forgotten that soldiers were just obeying orders and doing their best to win battles as fast as possible so the war would be over. It is also worth remembering that the incentives to fight in the first place are nearly always selfless and based on emotion, such as saving peaceful protesters from a dictator who wants to kill his own people.

After hearing some views on British culpability the next subject covered is whether Jesus was a Jew or not and whether Yahweh is the God of Nationalism while Lucifer is the God of diversity. Tied in with this is evidence for Hitler being Christian and Dennis refutes allegations that he was a Satanist. Most of the accusations about Hitler being anti-Christian come from Table Talks and some reasons are given for why this book cannot be trusted to be Hitler’s own views.

The accusation that the swastika is a satanic symbol for the sun is refuted, as is a similar accusation about the SS and Dennis then explains what Lebensraum is and why it was not an unreasonable request to make, when the rest of Europe had colonies all over the world. Despondency is addressed at the beginning and at the end of the podcast, with a commenter wondering if it will ever be possible to take our nations back. After that a question about how the NSDAP dealt with drug addicts and the crime associated with them gets covered and Dennis brings up some irrefutable evidence for the support the Catholic church gave to the NSDAP to finish with.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The God of Nationalism - TWOR 120817


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