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Truth Will Out Radio: Looking Back Over the Year - TWOR 122917

TWOR 122917

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks for a look back at some of the topics covered by Truth Will Out Radio over the first half of the year, beginning with David Irving and the Denial movie, which falsely portrayed Deborah Lipstadt as David fighting against Irving’s Goliath, when she had the whole force of the Israeli government behind her and even its representatives sat in the court room itself. Irving’s mistake was to trust the British justice system to be impartial and it could be the huge financial losses incurred from this that affected his recent retraction on gassings.

In February a rabbi confirmed that what we have been saying about Hitler fighting against Communism and Atheism is correct and also that they were Jewish movements. This wasn’t just any rabbi either, but a rabbi’s rabbi, confirming the truth of what we say about Hitler.

March saw a podcast about celebrity weapons being used against Whites and this year more than any other the ‘anti-establishment’ mask has dropped from the actors and musicians, as they all repeat the same talking points about Trump alongside praise for Islam and diversity every time another bomb goes off. 

In April Dennis revealed the title of his new documentary series and what he hoped to cover with it, exposing the little heard stories of the Mexican revolution, Spanish civil war and the Boer wars, linking them all together through Freemasonry. There was also a look at Dunkirk to coincide with the release of the film, discussing the different reasons suggested for Hitler allowing the British troops to escape back home unscathed.

In May the subject of evolution was brought up and the various reasons why both hosts think this theory is a hoax, including mention of the reasons listed in the Protocols for promoting it. Horst Mahler was also seeking asylum in Hungary at this time for political persecution but was the wrong colour and so got sent back to Germany.

Cromwell’s crimes against Britain were also discussed and how thanks to him, the modern democratic system controlled by the banks was first implemented in London, taking control of the monarch’s currency creation ability and handing it over to private bankers, thus handing control of the country's economy over to them.

The rest of the year will be covered next week.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Looking Back Over the Year - TWOR 122917


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