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The Orthodox Nationalist: Bela Kun and the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919 - TON 013118

ton 013118

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at Bela Kun and the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic this week.

Bela Kun (born Bela Kohn, 20 February 1886 – 29 August 1938) was the most infamous Hungarian Communist whose claim to fame is to be the leader of the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. It acted as a Jewish kahal and did not hide its ethnic roots. It's the only Communist State whose membership was almost 100% Jewish. The only gentile was the President, Sandor Garbai, who was chosen as the public face of the government solely because he was a gentile.

It lasted only 133 days. Following it’s fall caused by Admiral Nicholas Horthy,  he fled to the USSR where he was then sent to the Crimea as a military commissar.  He was Lenin's eyes and ears at the Revolutionary Committee in the early 1920s.

His activities were nothing short of a Red Terror.  After the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula by the Reds, Lenin offered amnesty to White soldiers who remained scattered in the mountains. Kun ignored Lenin's orders and he proceeded to slaughter 60,000 Crimean and White prisoners of war. He was so sadistic in his methods that even the Red Army questioned his activities. Yet, Lenin did not punish Kun or even mention these events. He was rather sent to Germany to start the revolution there. Lenin sent him to Crimea precisely because he was aware of his methods. He could kill the Whites without getting his hands dirty.

Stalin's police came for him in June of 1937. He dabbled in publishing and general pomposity within the USSR. He was accused of “sectarian deviation.” He died on November 30 1939 in NKVD custody.  Though later, the Soviet government said he was killed in August of 1938. Only after the fall of the USSR did any real records of his death come to light. He had been imprisoned briefly and was charged with leading a “counter revolutionary terrorist cult.” He was shot.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Bela Kun and the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919 - TON 013118


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