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The Orthodox Nationalist: Myths About Russia That Won’t Die - TON 012418

This is a composite of hundreds of ethnic Russians imposed and averaged one upon another. As you can see, the accusations of Mongol and East Asian influence are clearly refuted by it.

Russia is not a nation to be studied lightly. Up until 1950 or so, there were only a few places in the US to learn the language. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were a giant black spot on the American mind. Unfortunately, they remain so. This podcast is a response to Emile Durand’s attempt at historical analysis.

Emile Durand's article is an iconic representation of pretension, over-generalization and emotional reasoning. It uses a straw man, because at no time has Vladimir Putin ever called himself a “White nationalist.” He is a Eurasianist. I thought this was more commonly known. I was wrong. More importantly, it's what happens when a non-specialist tackles a topic far out of his area of competence. This is the academic equivalent of my performing eye surgery. I should note that I read the English version of the article, only recently learning that it has a Russian equivalent.

Western labels cannot be applied to Russia at any time. Labels are descriptive words that come into existence in a specific context, but in this case a context foreign to eastern Europe in general. A specialist in Russian history is known by his refusal to use western labels and apply them to a nation that is not part of its historical milieu. Durand's work is one of the worst I've come across in my 25 years of study on this matter.

To be fair, I've truly enjoyed his “Faustian Civilization & the New Patriarchy” and many other works of this nature. Whoever he is, he's done his homework on many important areas, making this disappointing piece all the more problematic.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Myths About Russia That Won’t Die - TON 012418


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