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Truth Will Out Radio: Looking Back Over the Year II - TWOR 010518

TWOR 010518

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to look back over some of the main themes and ideas covered by Truth Will Out Radio in 2017, but first there is a message from Monica Schaefer’s brother, letting us know she was arrested at Sylvia Stolz’ trial in Germany, for things she had said while in Canada. We have other patriots in court next week as well, the never ending trial of Alison Chabloz for singing songs poking fun at inconsistencies in the holocaust narrative continues on January 10th at Westminster magistrates court.

One of the themes last year on TWO Radio was the kabbalistic roots of freemasonry and occultism and how traditional Christianity is the antidote to it. The root of the drive toward trans-genderism, multiculturalism and globalism can be found in the occult goal to push the boundaries between opposites until they merge. This hermaphroditic union finds its realisation in human rights, where there are no gender or racial differences and everyone is just human. There is also no God, so man can make his own laws. The resistance to this was always exemplified by the Catholic church in the West and another theme throughout the year was the persecution of Catholics and how the church before the war was very different to now.

Ernst Zundel and his wife both passed away last year and an episode was devoted to him as well as others covering various revisionist topics, but one of the most unusual subjects brought up was weather magic and how the building of the pentagon to esoteric design coincided with the freak weather conditions that put a stop to Hitler’s march on Moscow. This is not the first time such weather has saved the enemy either, as Dennis points out.

‘Why the Alt-Right needs National Socialism’ comes up in conversation again, along with the heavy censorship that took place on Youtube and Twitter and Dennis predicts that we will see world war three this year and Sven predicts we will see Mark Collett and Millennial Woes at the front of a new movement in Britain.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Looking Back Over the Year II - TWOR 010518


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