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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Construction of New Khazaria in Ukraine - TON 020718


The "Menorah Center," the largest Jewish business center in the world and the heart of New Khazaria, located in Dnipro.

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the construction of New Khazaria in Ukraine for this week’s episode of The Orthodox Nationalist.

The riots and subsequent coup in Kiev in 2014 had many purposes. Primarily, it was to give the western powers a strong weapon to use against their main enemy, Nationalism and Vladimir Putin. Secondly, it was an arrangement whereby the debts of the Jewish oligarchs would be discharged in exchange for corporate control over the country.  Thirdly, it was the mystical consecration of Ukraine as "New Khazaria."

The Chabad sect dominates Jewish life in Ukraine. They have constructed the Menorah Complex near Odessa, in Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk, a gift for those of us who still can't pronounce it).

The Menorah complex is made up of seven towers in the shape of a menorah. It is the center of Jewish life in Eastern Europe and is dedicated to Rabbi Menachem Shneerson. It is a monstrous business center that is the hub of Jewish economic power in the region and is the center of New Khazaria. It is financed in part by the leader of Ukraine's oligarchs,  Igor Kolomoisky.

This lecture traces the events of February 2014 as parallel to the history and mentality of the Khazar empire and the nature of its power. It especially focuses on Kolomoisky as the de facto ruler of Ukraine and one of the richest men in the world. Zionism has shifted its focus from Israel to the Black Sea due to the influence of Chabad, Kolomoisky and the failures of the Israeli state. Settlers have already arrived from Haifa.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Construction of New Khazaria in Ukraine - TON 020718


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