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The Orthodox Nationalist: Poland Declares War on the New World Order - TON 021418

ton 021418
Sixty thousand Nationalists march on Poland’s National Independence Day

Poland has declared war on the New World Order. Over the last 20 years, this country has quietly pursued a path to development condemned by "experts" in the west who are almost always wrong about these things. Wherever nationalism has been tried, it created prosperity and ordered liberty.

Poland has made the front page only due to the hysterical condemnations over it’s refusal to permit non-White migrants (invaders) to take over whole cities. Poland has taken actual, real refugees from Ukraine. This, the Poles are told, IS neither relevant or important. It’s the race of the migrants that matters.

The Polish government over the last decade has reached an almost purely conservative tone. Few Leftists can be elected despite tons of western cash. A few years ago, Poland could boast not a single Leftist in it’s Parliament.  The country is thus called "non-democratic."

Poland has come out of the last 25 years prosperous and free only because of the strictly Nationalist policies of the government. The State controls key industries. The Ttate bank must turn over its books to the parliament every year (this has received condemnation from the west) and families that have more than one child are granted a large subsidy.

Poland is the only country to survive the 2008 crisis and the Eurozone crisis. It actually grew during these periods and Ethnic Nationalism is the sole reason why.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Poland Declares War on the New World Order - TON 021418


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