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The Orthodox Nationalist: China and Tibet in Tsarist Foreign Policy – TON 041818


This lecture deals with the little known Asian Project of Tsar Nicholas II in the far East.

A group of intellectuals such as Nicholas Roerich and Shamzaran (Peter) Badmaev sought the creation of a federation including Russia, parts of China, Mongolia and Tibet. Tsar Nicholas sought the creation of an Eurasian empire. Russia’s historic mission, he thought, lay in the East where Russia was meant to unite Islamic and Buddhist people against liberal contamination.  Badmaev secured the support of the Mongol tribes in the Russo-Japanese War.

Badmaev knew of the legend, popular in Mongolia, China and Tibet, about the “White Tsar”’ who would come from the North – “Northern Shambhala” –  and restore true justice against the colonialists of London.  He wrote to Nicholas II that “Buryats, Mongols and especially the Lamas were always repeating that the time had come to extend the frontiers of the White Tsar in the East….”

They meant the Russian empire to protect them against Japan and, by extension, the British empire.

The Russian Tsar was perceived in the East, not as a tyrant and despot (as the simplistic, industrialized West) but as Ak-Padishah, or the White Tsar.  It was often the case that the Khan was seen as a white man – as all contemporaries agreed – and thus, Tsar Nicholas II was the descendant of Genghis Khan (seen as a white man by contemporaries), either by blood or reincarnation. The Russian emperor was a "child" of the Great Khan and the ancient title of "Kesar," or Caesar was granted to him by the Dalai Lama XIII.  

The idea of the “White King” was equally important  to all the Eastern peoples inhabiting the Russian Empire. The color white was the term for noble and pure, with black referring to ignorance and slavery.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: China and Tibet in Tsarist Foreign Policy – TON 041818


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