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The Orthodox Nationalist: Ioannis Metaxas and the Greek Corporate State – TON 040418

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Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents a discussion on Ioannis Metaxas and the Greek Corporate State (1936-1941) for this week’s episode of The Orthodox Nationalist.

In the 1930s, Greece was barely holding together. The Liberals, under the Mason Eleftherios Venizelos, an agent of British intelligence, had handed the country over to foreign investors.  This "paragon of democracy" sought to hold on to power at all costs, engaging in coups, fraud and violence.

As Greece suffered under the Masonic state, its parliament was useless. The Liberal state had as its first priority the removal of the monarchy from  the Greek state and the removal of the Orthodox church from Greek life.

The Liberal Party nearly destroyed Greece. As riots engulfed the country in the mid 1930s, King George counted on Gen. Ioannis Metaxas to restore order and hope.

While an enemy of Italy on the battlefield, she was no enemy in politics. Metaxas had sought to erect a fully Corporate state, one based on occupational groupings rather than party or class. From 1936 to the start of the war, Greece experienced a massive rebirth culturally, economically and politically.

Yet again, national socialism and its Corporate economic system proved itself immensely successful not only economically, but ethically as well.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Ioannis Metaxas and the Greek Corporate State – TON 040418


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