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The Orthodox Nationalist: The US Military and the End of the World – TON 050918

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Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents a lecture connecting the prophesies of the great Orthodox saints of Russia, to the US Army's cover-up of massive child abuse at it’s day care centers nationwide.

The recent conviction of our comrades, Alex Ramos and Jacob Goodwin, was done in the face of video evidence exonerating them completely. The video shows the Blacks attacking protesters violently, with these men responding in the only way they could. Jurors saw this and the defense refused to even make a case.

This means even perception is being manipulated and the fear of social exclusion by the Regime will send innocent men to jail. Jurors were fearful of fallout for "defending Nazis" and would have convicted them of anything.

The Romanian elder St. Justin Porva (1919-2013) wrote:

We have already entered into the End times, the final battle. Unlike other times, God will allow the enemy of the human race to touch the soul; the nature of the persecution will be basically psychological and you will not be able to hide even in the slightest cracks of the earth. These times will be very hard.

This is the world the US military is fighting to bring about. That it's covered up for drug dealing and child rape for decades makes perfect sense in 2018. We're in a time of great suffering.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The US Military and the End of the World – TON 050918


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