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The Orthodox Nationalist: What Did Hegel Mean by Dialectics? – TON 051618

ton 051618

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents a third podcast on Hegel’s Dialectics based upon this article. The first two can be found here and here.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) is likely the most difficult of all the great philosophers in the west. He's also one of the greatest nationalist and conservative writers of Europe. Much of my graduate research was done on Hegel and Hegelianism.

Hegel has no mercy on the amateur. His writing is impenetrable to the point of comedy. In studying him, the student has to rely on a master in the field and secondary sources first, before even beginning to read the primary texts. He's simply too difficult and uses far too many technical terms to just begin reading like any other book.

“Dialectics,” while it’s a term used by the ancient Athenians, was for Hegel a highly technical term dealing with the grounding of science without presuppositions. Where Descartes failed, Hegel would succeed. This paper will try to make sense out of it for the non-specialist, but there is little optimism it will be successful since nothing in Hegel is ever simple or even appealing to the non-specialist.

Practically, “dialectical logic” concerns the constant interplay of form and content, in that the form of something is always changing the content and vice versa. These too, are technical terms. The term “dialectics” is used often in politics, on the Right specifically, though usually with no understanding as to its meaning and origin.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: What Did Hegel Mean by Dialectics? – TON 051618


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