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The Orthodox Nationalist: The 100 Year Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Tsar and his Family II – TON 071818

ton 071818

How do we understand the downfall of Russia in 1918?  The first thing to consider is that Russia was doing extremely well at the dawn of the First World War. Her economy was expanding and the peasantry controlled (in one fashion or another) the overwhelming majority of the land and no longer had to pay anything for it.

This was a situation completely unique in the world. It was a traditionalist monarchy that had easily adapted to modernity without losing out economically or morally. It showed that these two things need not be contradictory. Tradition can have the best of both worlds. It showed that modernity is wrong, in that technical advancement is not “progress” as such. It shows that local democracy works, especially when it has a firm religious and national basis. Nicholas' success  is a powerful defense of monarchy.

It is not an exaggeration to say that royal Russia under Tsar St. Nicholas II was the best run and most just state in the world.

Man has a choice: either oligarchy or monarchy. He must choose between the common good, which is freedom and self will, which is bondage. When Tsar Nicholas breathed his last, all humanity was forced to serve materialist interests. Whether socialist or capitalist, the ideology is materialist and oligarchic.

To destroy Russia, it was equally necessary to destroy it’s soul, and that's the monarchy. To be a loving family man wasn't just a matter of his personal preference, it was an icon both of political rule and the necessary virtues for all society. It is these virtues precisely, that both capitalism and communism loathe and despise. Modernity is the “killing of the king.”

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The 100 Year Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Tsar and his Family II – TON 071818


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