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The Orthodox Nationalist: Helsinki, Trump and the Twilight of Oligarchy – TON 072518

ton 072518

At this point, anyone who reads the American news media on Russian politics is being wilfully deluded. The fact that the mainstream press is merely one pillar of the leftist ideological juggernaut is now universally proclaimed. No news is actually reported in the normal sense, since the purpose of the press is to promote liberalism and, more specifically, overthrow the Trump administration.

Media psychosis after the Helsinki summit – which was unremarkable otherwise – was simply indescribable. Loathing, contempt and hate for Russia and Trump can be found on every page and in every sentence. That these characters are acting on orders is also beyond debate since most know absolutely nothing about Russian affairs.

Never before has Johnson's Law been more significant. No one really knows anything about Russian affairs in the US, especially the media knighted “Russia experts,” so the press simply prints what it wants to be true, relying on wish fulfilment that, in many cases, was an effective strategy. Nothing is more embarrassing than the “election meddling” claim that the left promoted once the Regime's official candidate wasn't installed as they had been promised. This phenomenon is unprecedented.

So what's the real story? Why has the oligarchy gone to these lengths to protect itself from its own actions? Russia is no longer a major investor in Treasury notes or T-bills. Moscow is dumping them in record numbers, which today has become a global hobby.

Sanctions have been a boon to the Russian economy since it's now almost totally autarkic, precisely as it was before World War I.  The dependence on US currency is long gone and the dollar's days are numbered.

The BRICS summit is in a few days. This is far more significant than the Helsinki photo op. Russia has dumped more than 50 percent of its Treasury notes. The Russian financial sector has been almost totally de-dollarized. War with Russia is the only way out of the depression for the US.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Helsinki, Trump and the Twilight of Oligarchy – TON 072518


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