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The Orthodox Nationalist: Myths and Lies of the 1960’s – TON 121218

ton 121218

While the hippies have a strange reputation for being peaceful, they were involved in the worst rioting in American history. They formed terror cells throughout the country with elite support. Bombings, arson attacks, assassinations and riots became so common that they were hardly carried on the news, yet there was no call for a “Department of Homeland Security.” No “national soul searching” was demanded and certainly, the ideology of the terrorists was never seen to be “discredited” due to the violence. There was no "Patriot Act" nor calls for gun control. The Left in America was, is and always has been a cult of violence. The Left, in all its forms, has always held that it’s agenda needed to be imposed by violence. While the establishment went into conniptions over the equally absurd stories about “Oklahoma City” in 1996, the Left set off thousands of terrorist bombs in the US during the Vietnam War. The leftist publication Time magazine says:

"It may be hard to recall now, but there was a time when most Americans were decidedly more blase about bombing attacks. This was during the 1970s, when protest bombings in America were commonplace, especially in hard-hit cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Nearly a dozen radical underground groups, dimly remembered outfits such as the Weather Underground, the New World Liberation Front and the Symbionese Liberation Army, set off hundreds of bombs during that tumultuous decade—so many, in fact, that many people all but accepted them as a part of daily life. As one woman sniffed to a New York Post reporter after an attack by a Puerto Rican independence group in 1977: “Oh, another bombing? Who is it this time?’”

Hard to recall? Its “hard” because Time won't talk about it. This has been a deliberate policy for over 40 years. Hippies are presented as peaceful regardless of their extreme violence.  Sam Mellville, totally unknown today, set off over 100 bombs between August and November of 1969 in Manhattan. No one has heard of him.

This broadcast is a summary of the myths and lies the media tells about the 1960s and early 70s, when domestic terrorism was not only tolerated, but fashionable.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Myths and Lies of the 1960’s – TON 121218


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