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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Stalingrad Debacle and its Causes – TON 122618

ton 121618

By special request, this week's broadcast concerns the Battle of Stalingrad, Kursk and the failures of Hitler's leadership and German intelligence. Operating on both bad intelligence and boastful promises from Goering, Hitler permitted the destruction of the German VI Army at Stalingrad. The Battle of Kursk was the consequence of Stalingrad and it turned many in the German army against Hitler.

From then on, Hitler's oil resources were gone, his best forces destroyed and the millions of millions of Red Army soldiers never again lost the initiative.

Hitler invaded the USSR unprepared. He did so because he knew Stalin had begun a massive build up of offensive forces that would have overrun Central Europe had Hitler not acted quickly. The very fact that Hitler's knowledge of the Soviet war machine was scanty proves he was in no position to war against the western-supplied, Red colossus to the East.

By 1941, the Red Army numbered five million. It was just about one million two years earlier. Hitler invaded with 3500 tanks against the Soviet collection of 24,000, placed into rapid production precisely because of his plans to invade Europe by late Mary of 1941. Hitler's blunders however, are also to blame for the loss of the war and these will be detailed here.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Stalingrad Debacle and its Causes – TON 122618


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