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Truth Will Out Radio: Mistreatment of Prisoners – TWOR 051719

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise debunk a video showing German supposed mistreatment of prisoners of war and look at the evidence for Adam being a White man.

You cannot get Chinese or Blacks from a White woman, unless she has first interbred with a Chinese or Black man. With Adam being the first man and Eve being made from him, they could only have been one race and could only have fathered one race, as everything God created was kind after kind, each reproducing within it’s own one kind.

The same argument applies to the 3 sons of Noah, they could only have been one race, it is biologically impossible that they could have given rise to other races. They were Caucasoid and the Caucasus is where we are told they spread out from, after the waters of the flood subsided.

The Catholic church has always told us that Japhet was the father of the European people and if that were so, then both Shem and Ham were also European by race since all three were brothers. Therefore something must have happened to the descendants of Ham to turn them into Blacks and Arabs and the same must have happened to the Jews to turn them into Jews.

Interbreeding with the other races is the only way they could have changed their form in this way, it is a biological impossibility that any environment could have done that to them and modern genetic studies prove that they have traces of different races within their DNA alongside traces of European DNA.

Without an understanding of race, you will not have an understanding of history and the main excuse used to prevent discussion of it is the allegation that Germans gassed 6 million Jews because they saw them as an inferior race.

This is untrue, but there are many videos and pictures that do show dead or dying people from world war two and it is important we know what those pictures are actually showing. They actually prove that the Allies bombed all the supply lines to Germany and caused a mass outbreak of typhus at the end of the war, leading to hundreds of thousands of people dying of rapid onset starvation when the disease took hold of them.

The real mistreatment of prisoners occurred after the war, when hundreds of thousands of Germans were deliberately starved and left to die in fields with no shelter, in camps that were had been set up by Americans. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Mistreatment of Prisoners – TWOR 051719


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