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The Orthodox Nationalist: Ivan Franko and Ukrainian Nationalism – TON 102319

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson updates a previous podcast, in preparation for the publication of his new book on Ukrainian Nationalism.

My book, Ukrainian Nationalism, will soon be available. Links will be provided. Ukraine, from a Russian Orthodox nationalist like myself, has been hijacked by westerners who loathe all forms of national assertiveness. Faux-nationalist groups were used in the violent coup of 2014 and then cast aside as embarrassments later on.

The fact is that the Ukrainian pantheon of nationalist writers, including Bandera himself, were philosophically no different than nationalists the world over. Bandera was many things, a “Nazi” was not one of them. I've sympathized with the plight of Novorossiya from day one, but their condemnations of the Kiev government as “Nazi” are laughable. Bandera would have condemned each and every aspect of that coup. He loathed and distrusted the west, capitalism and usury, precisely the forces that took over the country.

This broadcast updates and reprises one made a decade ago on the great Ivan Franko, the Social-Nationalist poet and historian of the late 19th and early 20th century Ukraine. It deals with "The Hired Hand" an 1876 poem that recapitulates our own struggle in a very striking way. Socialism isn't communism, materialism or Marxism.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Ivan Franko and Ukrainian Nationalism – TON 102319


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