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Patriotic Weekly Review: Emily Youcis – PWR 060320

Animation artist and singer Emily Youcis joins Mark Collett and No White Guilt to discuss the race riots in this week’s episode.

Emily talks about her Coronavirus song and Youtube banning her, before moving on to race riots and the recent call for White people to get on their knees before Blacks to appease them.

People in Britain were supposed to be outside their homes doing this tonight showing solidarity with the neo-bolsheviks, but it doesn’t appear to have had much success.

Emily thinks this is the best thing to happen in ages, as all we have to do is sit back and watch as we are proved right in everything we have warned about.

White youths shout support for the looters from safe within their houses, while their idols return the favour by throwing rocks through their windows.

Emily lived in the Philadelphia ghetto for eight years and is well aware of the violence that often occurs when these people are around in large numbers.

There would be regular warnings of incidents to avoid, where people had been shot or gangs were playing the ‘knockout’ game and she soon lost the sympathy she once had for them.

Jason thinks we should be calling the looters ‘destroyers’ as they have been pulling down monuments and burning down businesses.

He says this is more of a war than a riot, but with one side refusing to defend itself and instead encouraging those doing the looting and pillaging.

Mark points out that not one celebrity influencer drew attention to the White girls groomed and raped, but all are now pledging support for an armed robber drug addict who died while resisting arrest.

All the hosts see this as the inevitable result of multiculturalism and exactly what we have been trying to prevent from happening.

The only way to prevent even worse from coming in the future is to entirely separate ourselves from the other races, which would solve all their perceived grievances against us and end ‘racism’ outright.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: Emily Youcis – PWR 060320


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