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The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodoxy and Nationalism in the History of Montenegro III – TON 060320

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson presents the conclusion to the mini-series dealing with Christian Nationalism in the Balkans.

Given the chaos engulfing the US, this broadcast deals with current events as well as a summary and conclusion of the analysis of Montenegrin Orthodoxy. Part II of the Montenegro series ended roughly at the assassination of King Alexander of Yugoslavia and the chaos that this created in the Balkans that only the end of World War II would alleviate. Yugoslavia was an experiment doomed to fail because putting peoples of different religions and hence, different civilizations in one country cannot succeed. It is almost a law in itself.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the foundation of social authority. It’s either based on monarchy, communal tradition and natural law, or it soon devolves into money, or the symbolization of the will to power.  Whether it be in 18th century Montenegro or 20th century America, the mercantile spirit destroys all it touches, creates the rule of quantity and standardization and internalizes mediocrity. Man can either worship God or venerate money as a talisman.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodoxy and Nationalism in the History of Montenegro III – TON 060320


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