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The Orthodox Nationalist: Freedom in Postmodernity – TON 070120

Today's broadcast from Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson is a deep foray into political philosophy, specifically over the ideas of "freedom" and the "individual.

The word “freedom,” like “love,” has no real meaning in Postmodern English. Its idiosyncratic and usually has to do with someone's demand to no longer be under some moral code. The term, used as the last word in a sentence, has no meaning. “We demand freedom!” is stupid and meaningless. Freedom to do what? The moment that question is asked, you're already in trouble.

If someone answers with an abstraction, then you know they're hiding something. “Freedom to live our own lives!” is often an attempt at an answer. “And what would that entail?” you might ask. The other person, at this point, gets irritated for this same reason – they're hiding what they want under a meaningless slogan or don't even know themselves what their "freedom" is for.

In Postmodernity, abstract freedom can be a disaster. Today, the US serves as a large processing plant for the production of beastly semi-humans designed to purchase commodities made by others very, very far away working for slave wages. This automaton is then told that its condition is the ultimate manifestation of “freedom” and is a historical “inevitability.” Pumped full of psychotropic drugs, self-hate, chimerical images and sophisticated ideologies, the American is shepherded though his life by a pantheon of celebrities creating a dream world. This is the invented universe within which the mass-man cognitively lives. The average American does not have even the vocabulary to describe his condition, let alone fight it. Very possibly, the people who might fight it will create something worse.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Freedom in Postmodernity – TON 070120


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