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The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodoxy and Nationalism in Interwar Poland – TON 101420

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the different influences wrestling for control over Poland after the first war.

Poland, a state just recreated after the war, was torn by Ukrainians, Russians and native Poles seeking to use the new state for their own purposes.

The Orthodox Church in Poland was overwhelmingly Ukrainian, yet its hierarchs were Russian.

Under the guidance of the suffering Metropolitan Dionysus (Valedinsky), the church in Poland was struggling for its very identity.

Here, ethnicity was being reborn not just as a legal construct, but a cultural and theological one as well.

In addition, the rise of Sobornopravna as an organizing principle also brought national and civic Brotherhoods to the forefront of theological thought.

This incredible rebirth of social and political theory was smashed by the rise of Stalinism and the defeat of Germany in 1945, thus dooming the world to suffer between liberal indifference and Marxist oppression.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Orthodoxy and Nationalism in Interwar Poland – TON 101420


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