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The Daily Nationalist: ‘Diversity’ Means No Whites at All – DN 111620

Sven Longshanks highlights the most neglected group in society before talking about the violence directed at Trump supporters over the weekend.

Britain’s most diverse university failed to admit a single White working class student in 2017, despite them being the most disadvantaged group in society.

This means the group with the highest average IQ and the most likely to reward any educational investment, are being ignored in the favour of those who are least likely to excel in any specialist field.

At least 100,000 people turned up for the Million MAGA March on Saturday, but you wouldn’t know that from the news network reports.

You also wouldn’t know that families and the elderly were viciously attacked by Antifa afterwards, with some stragglers directed by Police to walk through Antifa to get home.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: ‘Diversity’ Means No Whites at All – DN 111620


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