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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Fourth Crusade – TON 112520

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson identifies the origin point for the division of Europe and gives us some insight on one of the topics of his new book.

Dr Johnson's latest book is titled ‘In Regione Caecorum Rex est Luscus: Essays on Medieval Political Philosophy’ (Hromada Books, 2020) and is soon to be released. This is his third book in a year.

Taken from the book, this analysis is on the Fourth Crusade, one of the most significant events in European religious history. This section presents a very diverse set of ideas on the Crusade while also reflecting on the Crusades as a whole, but the Fourth always stands out for very good reasons.

First, nothing went well. Every step of this Crusade was met with broken promises, political intrigue, cultural incomprehension and rash decisions, but whether a writer blames the Crusaders, Venice or “the evil west,” all agree on this one point. Europe was divided from then on.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Fourth Crusade – TON 112520


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