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Parish of the Patriots: Misdirected Patriotism – PP 122220

Grandpa Dan welcomes you to the Parish of the Patriots, discussing what it means to be a Patriot.

It’s a brand new name but the same great show, welcome once again to the Parish of the Patriots. This parish is supported by the congregation and as such your financial support is very much appreciated. If you wish to be a part of that, you can find that information at the bottom of this page.

Last week we touched on what it means to be a patriot. For those of you who are wondering, the answer is no, we are not going to make the topic of every single show about some angle of the term “patriot”. However this week we are going to discuss the inevitable efforts of some to misdirect the well-intentioned patriotism of others. One of the most glaring examples of this was the way in which the public was whipped up into a hysteria of patriotism right after 911 and in so doing, never questioned any aspect of the narrative they were being fed. With the lies having reached epoch levels of absurdity now, there are people who are late coming around to the realization that they are living under an utterly corrupt system. As such, once again you can see the effort being made to misdirect these people’s sense of patriotism. Whether those who are doing this are simply misguided or have more nefarious motives is not really the point here. What is the point is that those of us who are not new to this realization have a duty to point out the truth to these folks so that they do not plunge forward into making detrimental mistakes.

Not only is this the first show under the new banner but it is also the Christmas edition of the show. As such, we share a Christmas message this week. Now one might be expecting the Reverend to simply read the well memorized story of Christ’s birth in a manger. Instead we will be looking at Mark 11:27-33 where Jesus is questioned by what authority he says and does the things he was. “Appeal to authority” is the same tactic that Satan’s minions pull today. God does the things he does in a manner in which one cannot deny that these things are done by God and not man. In this case, Jesus came into this world not as a member of the high priest class but instead as a member of the workers. As such, Jesus’ opposition would go to the appeal to authority route because the truth never factored into their reasoning at all. Why? Because just like their father the devil, the truth was viewed as an obstacle not as something to strive to understand and embrace. Say what you will but the fact that a completely unremarkable event such as the child of a working class family being born in a barn thousands of years ago being still celebrated and talked about today speaks volumes as to the fact that this was of God, not of man.

While we now meet under a new banner the fact remains that the same congregation and the same message of truth remains. Do not be surprised when they hate the message of truth, for they have built what amounts to a giant tower of paper (lies) and when you speak the truth you are as one who is running through this tower of paper with a match. However take heart; though they may rage against it the flame of truth shall remain.

May God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Misdirected Patriotism – PP 122220


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