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The Orthodox Nationalist: The 2020 Presidential Farce – TON 120220

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at parallels between the recent fraudulent election and the way the monarchies were marginalized.

Dr. Johnson doesn't normally deal with current events, but the 2020 Presidential farce is simply too good to ignore. He's been condemning liberal democracy and republicanism for almost 30 years and today – in the  most blatant way possible – he is again being proven correct.

This farce isn't a “subversion” of liberalism, but is its very essence. “Democracy” is liberal by its very structure. It is not a set of procedures, but the expected results that they mean by the word. No one fights for a “procedure” for any other reason than it is expected to put their man into power. 

Liberal republicanism was a useful way to castrate the crown and the church in modern Europe and stealing an election to them is no different than overthrowing Nicholas II.

There are no governments in Banana-Republicland that have tried to pull anything off like this. Its a blatant, laughable fraud from a group of people who swore to destroy Donald Trump by any means necessary. A group of people who were talking about a military coup in 2016, that went on to arm violent militia groups and burn whole cities in 2020 will hardly recoil at vote rigging.

It has never been a matter of principled disagreement, but is rather a war between two sides with nothing in common. We are not “all Americans” and there is no such thing as “the American people.”

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The 2020 Presidential Farce – TON 120220


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