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Parish of the Patriots: Nuke Racism! – PP 022321

Grandpa Dan talks about what the Biden Regime has planned for America and contrasts it with what God tells us is going to happen.

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By simply looking at the evidence, one is forced to come to the conclusion that those who rule the so called “democracy” system hate those they rule over. We are faced with a situation of huge unemployment as vast swathes of the economy are wiped out in the name of the doom virus and what are they doing? They’re bringing in even more immigrants! Why? Well apparently they don’t even feel the need to give us a reason anymore.

It’s not as though they can claim there is a labor shortage, what with high unemployment and relief bills still needing to be passed, yet no reason is given. It’s not a conspiracy theory to surmise they simply hate the current population and wish to replace them with another one.

The same people are now openly stating that nuclear war isn’t that big of a deal because we have missile defense systems, all while agitating for war with China and Russia. Looking at their track record when it comes to lying about military capability, it’s reasonable to conclude that this won’t be ending well. Yet what would the narrative be if American cities got nuked? It’s not hard to picture the media proclaiming that it was actually a good thing because it’s eradicating the doom virus and racism. Progress at last!

In the Christian specific message this week we take a look at God’s judgement and how when it comes down, he will be glorified to the righteous as well as the vanquished. Those who are drunk on their own hubris and pride, blinded by their own greed and corrupt to their very root will know the might of the Lord Almighty! Indeed every knee shall bow, this includes those who mock and refuse to heed the word of God.

Scripture reference this week well be Isaiah 5:11-15 and Isaiah 5:20-24.

The Parish of the Patriots is your home for the cozy congregation. This show is more reliable than the postal service, as week in and week out we gather here to seek the truth in all things. Here you are able to congregate and as an added bonus: no masks (though admittedly I suppose we are social distancing)! The only mass spreader event happening here is the mass spreading of truth.

God cannot be mocked. Every knee shall bow. Every mouth will confess the name of the Lord.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Nuke Racism! – PP 022321


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