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Parish of the Patriots: The Hyper-Individualist Mindset – PP 031621

Grandpa Dan explains why our opponents greatest fear is of community building projects like Patriotic Alternative.

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While several topics will be touched upon this week, a central point is the hyper-individualist mindset. While we see group advocacy promoted everywhere in the minority communities, the one thing treated as a threat is the same in “the White community”. This is not by accident. There has been an intentional multi-generational program to keep Whites from viewing themselves collectively. This is why any attempt at getting Whites to organize and view themselves as a collective is attacked relentlessly regardless of what they may be organising around.

In the Christian specific message we will discuss the dangers of denying Christ. While you may envision a scenario where you will be asked to openly deny the name of Jesus specifically, this is actually very unlikely. Instead it will be demanded that you renounce the truth and proclaim the lie in its place. Remember, Jesus and the truth are inseparable just as Satan and the lie are inseparable. Thus, if it is demanded of you that you renounce the truth in favor of the lie, you are literally being told to renounce Christ in favor of Satan.

Bible verse this week will be Luke 12:8-9

Fear not for God is with us and the truth will set us free. The greater the darkness, the more intense even the smallest light shines.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: The Hyper-Individualist Mindset – PP 031621


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