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The Orthodox Nationalist: Romanticism and the New Medieval Idea – TON 033121

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson outlines some of the concepts discussed in his new book.

Dr Johnson's latest book hit the shelves last week and this broadcast is an approach to the medieval mentality that informs the book and its critique of modernity.

The ethnic nation and the medieval idea are both connected in the Romantic.

The Romantic idea has remained the cultural, ethnic and folk-anarchist alternative to modern rationalism for 200 years.

The attack is on  the urban, bureaucratic and stratified life masquerading not only as ”freedom” or “reason,” but reality itself.

In the hyper-bureaucratized, standardized, mass produced anti-culture, the mystic and ethnic populism of the medieval, Gothic and Romantic idea remains our weapon of choice.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Romanticism and the New Medieval Idea – TON 033121 


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