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The Orthodox Nationalist: American Society in 2021 – TON 042821

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explains why there can be no society in multicultural America.

“American Society in 2021.” The very use of that phrase is false. There is no “society” where nobody has anything in common, including language. This “society” is entirely administered by corporate capital and its control over social media. This controls what's considered important, true, moral and even real. “American” is an empty word that refers to nothing.

This lecture was supposed to be about Lebanon, but Dr Johnson got sidetracked by an almost comic description of the White, American “Conservative.” Pathetic, broken and bankrupt, the Conservative is the type who wants to believe in such a thing as an “American” and that the “Constitution” actually matters.  Such terms, even to him, are empty, vapid props which serve to cover over his lack of ideas, purpose and identity.

His entire being centers around the fear of being involved with “racism” or “antisemitism.” He argues that Black Lives Matter is the creation of the Chinese Communist Party. The “fascists” who protested at the Capitol after the election are its minions.

Russia didn't manipulate the elections, but Iran and China certainly did (or will). He argues that only “legal immigration” should be permitted and he doesn't care if a “man is black, white, purple or yellow.” The insipid American conservative is the dictionary definition of Aboulia.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: American Society in 2021 – TON 042821


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