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The Orthodox Nationalist: Envy – TON 041421

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at why envy is such a destructive emotion to indulge in.

Envy is the most destructive passion of this dying age. It is corrosive, destroying even the most healthy relationships with fantasy and paranoia.

Like the depression on which it is based, envy creates a false world where everyone's a winner but you. It finds hidden meaning in everything and the imagination is allowed to run rampant. It sees insult everywhere.

Reminders of one's enforced inferior status seem encoded in being itself. In 2021, it is a potent weapon the Regime uses to blunt criticism of its unearned privilege.

This complex passion has yet to be competently analyzed from the Orthodox and Nationalist point of view.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Envy – TON 041421


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