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Parish of the Patriots: Evangelical Dispensationalism – PP 051821

Grandpa Dan looks at literal interpretations of the Bible and the power of social shaming.

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This week we’ll take a look at the effectiveness of social pressure in the context of the doom virus narrative in general and the push for taking the vaccine in particular. Social pressure is observably a very effective tool in getting large groups of people to do what they wouldn’t normally do of their own accord. When you apply social pressure you can train people to do whatever you want without them giving the matter a second thought.

If you look at masks for instance, it isn’t simply a case of choosing to wear one or not, it has been established that wearing a mask makes you more righteous while those that don’t, are de facto murderers who want to kill your grandma. Why? Because of the correct application of a combination of marketing and social pressure.

In the Christian specific segment this week, we’ll be directly confronting the evangelical teaching of dispensationalism. Pretty much everything that you’ve come to hate about the MCC in general and evangelicals in particular can be found in this teaching. We’ll be taking a step by step look at this doctrine and tearing it down. While many have been misled by this, it also stands to reason that those who openly teach and promote it have zero actual faith.

Bible verses this week will be:2 Peter 3:8 and Mathew 18: 21-22

The modern nation state of Israel is not the Israel of the Old Testament, the Jews are not the chosen people of God and there is no rapture.

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Parish of the Patriots: Evangelical Dispensationalism – PP 051821


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